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From humble beginnings our family business was established in 2001. Our parents originally from Taiwan migrated to Melbourne, Australia in the early 90's. They missed the flavours of home, and recognised a need for high quality authentic Asian cuisine in Australia. So they began hand making baozi (Chinese steamed buns), supplying them to the local retailers. Slowly more and more people looked for our products as we were the only company in Australia that made traditional sour dough steamed bread products.


One decade later our range increased, and our manufacturing plant became HACCP accredited, providing our products to Asian groceries, and major Supermarkets across Melbourne and other states of Australia. It has been an exciting journey and we thank our customers for the years of ongoing support.

Through our range of Easy Tiger products, we strive to bring authentic Asian cuisine to Australian homes that are delicious, authentic, easy to prepare, and sure to satisfy any tiger of an appetite; Easy Tiger.

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